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This fragrant pork broth is the base for your healthy, home-made ramen - keep it simple or jazz it up depending on your mood. Throw in any vegetables you’ve got to hand along with thin slices of pork and noodles and you’re set.

Or cut a few corners with our Pastured Pork Ramen Kit which includes the broth, smoked pork neck slices and organic noodles.

Simmered for 18 hours to extract all the goodness before straining. Heat and drink as is or use for cooking. Heat to 74˚C for minimum 15 seconds.

Speedy serving suggestion
Poach thin slices of fresh pork in the broth, add noodles, half a boiled egg, leafy greens, shitake mushrooms and drizzle with a little of our Mild Chilli Oil.

The bones and trotters come from the pasture-raised pigs that we source whole, directly from regeneratively-managed NSW farms.

Ingredients: filtered water, mixed pork bones, organic chicken bones, dark soy, mirin, ginger, onions, garlic, kombu.

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