375 gm jar. Locally-grown organic tomatoes, organic onions, organic basil and organic garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

This is not your regular tomato sauce because, instead of blanching the tomatoes, we roasted them with onions, oil, garlic and salt and pepper. This adds umami and gives the sauce a much richer flavour. 

It's that time of year again, the wonderful end-of-summer, bitter-sweet tomato glut. It's glorious because you can't move for sweet, succulent tomatoes of every hue and shape. But it also makes me feel a bit desperate about savouring every last mouthful and second of summer's bounty as you feel the days shortening and the evenings cooling off. Anyway, the obvious thing to do is to stop whingeing and start working to preserve and bottle as much as possible so we can enjoy these lovely tomatoes well into winter. That's exactly what our excellent production manager, Michael, has been doing and he's been busy cooking up a storm.

Serving suggestions
Serve with meatballs or eggs or as a base for soups, casseroles or anything requiring a rich, tomato flavour hit. Or simply toss through pasta with loads of parmesan, extra fresh basil and a drizzle of chilli oil.

Refrigerate after opening and use within four days, or freeze.

Get the Meatball and Roast Tomato Sauce Kit.

Organic and chemical-free Roma tomatoes, organic onions and organic basil (all from Block 11 Organics via Sift Produce), Barrington River organic purple Italian garlic, Karrabool Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sea salt, pepper.

Why we make it
It’s been a long day, you’re exhausted, it’s late and if one more person asks ‘what’s for dinner?’ you’re going to do something regrettable.

Relax. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up for a minute and let us make dinner easy for you with the Conscientious Carnivore’s answer to fast food. 

If you're like us, the quest to achieve a sane work/life balance sometimes feels like a cross between an extreme sport practised by certified lunatics and a form of medieval torture, so the ease of these dishes has great appeal. If you don't have kids then you're probably even more crazy busy as there's more time and more room to take on more things.

Either way, most people we know - kidded or otherwise - feel as though they spend a good part of their lives in one of those NASA G-Force simulators and we could all do with a break from the dinner treadmill now and then.

Enter the Put Your Feet Up Sauces which do most of the work of putting dinner on the table for you.

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