Christmas gear 2019

Here's a collection of all the essentials you need for your festive season feasting. Along with all the usual suspects we welcome back our fabulous, one-of-a-kind Feather and Bone Real Mince Pies that are sure to be the talk of your table. Of course, there's plenty of other good gear in the rest of the shop too. Check out the Gifts and Vouchers - we've collaborated with artist Mirra Whale on our teatowels and ham bags and sometimes a gorgeous painted skull or a class or produce voucher is the perfect present. 

Buy a ticket and help put Christmas dinner on the table at the Two Good St Canice's soup kitchen party! Just $5.00 will put you in the running to win a whole Feather and Bone lamb or pig on the spit for your next party or a copy of the spanking new Two Good Cook Book! Every year we contribute a lamb on a spit to the soup kitchen Christmas lunch. But we hope this raffle will raise enough money to pay for all the other food and gifts. 

Christmas orders close at midnight on Saturday 15th December.
But don't be a chronic avoider and leave your run too late. Gird your loins and join the ranks of the OCD who get their orders in nice and early. Order before midnight on Sunday 24th November and you'll go into the draw to win either:

Check out our Christmas opening hours and delivery dates here. 

Christmas is a time to reflect on what binds us together and, as we tuck in to the bounty of the season, what binds us to the land that feeds us and on which we depend. Read more...

If you're a regular customer, we look forward to seeing how you feast this Christmas and we thank you for supporting regenerative farming in 2019.

If you're a new customer, we're pleased to see you and we hope that, if you order your Christmas fare here, it will be the start of a life-long commitment to eating better meat raised on regenerative farms. Not just at Christmas, but every time you choose to eat meat. 

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FESTIVE RAFFLE - win a whole animal on a spit & help fund the Two Good St Canice's Soup Kitchen Xmas lunch!
Real Mince Pies
Only 4 left!
Bone in ham - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Easycarve ham - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Half ham: round end - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Half ham: hock end - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Wild ale & wild honey ham glaze - uniquely Australian
Ham: skin and score for glazing
We'll glaze your ham for you!
Ham bag: collaboration with artist Mirra Whale
Heritage-breed, pasture-raised Freshwater turkeys
Blackbutt Organics pasture-raised Broad Breasted White turkeys
Almond Grove Humane Choice Free Range turkey
The Can't Stop Stuffing stuffing kit (pork, fennel, orange & pine nuts)
Marinated sous-vide heritage turkey breast
Large Sommerlad Heritage Christmas Chook (deposit - final price by weight)
Emden cross pastured goose (deposit only - price subject to final weight)
Only 1 left!
Whole Aylesbury-Pekin duck
Porchetta with fennel marinade - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Porchetta with rosemary marinade - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Shoulder porchetta with fennel marinade - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Shoulder porchetta with rosemary marinade - pasture-raised, NSW pork
Buffalo teatowel: collaboration with artist Mirra Whale
Heritage pig teatowel: collaboration with artist Mirra Whale
Chilly bag
Chilly bag
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