Christmas 2020

Pastured produce with traceable provenance ~ hams, turkeys, Sommerlad heritage chooks, stuffing and sauces, porchetta, traditional mice pies and more! (Please note, the marketing department tells us the mice pies are sold out and we are now offering Traditional Mince Pies instead.) 

Order before 1st December to help us share the love! 
We're donating $5.00 from every Christmas order placed before 1st December to the Two Good Quaama Community Christmas Feast. 

Win prizes and share more love!
Enter the 2020 Two Good Quaama Community Xmas raffle to win prizes and help put on a slap-up, joyful feast for a fire and covid-ravaged rural community. 


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2020 Two Good Quaama Community Xmas raffle
The Ethical Omnivore
Real Mince Pies
Sold Out
Avail from 10/12
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: whole bone in
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: whole easycarve
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: half round end
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: half hock end
Organic Wild Ale & Wild Honey ham glaze
Skin and score
We'll glaze it for you!
Heritage pig ham bag
Large Sommerlad heritage Christmas chicken (deposit)
Sold Out
Freshwater pastured Heritage turkey
Sold Out
Avail from 25/11
Almond Grove pastured White turkey - Humane Choice
Avail from 21/12
Heritage turkey breast - marinated, sous vide
Sold Out
Avail from 10/12
Aylesbury-Pekin pastured duck whole 2.0-2.2 kg
Pastured Emden-cross goose (dep)
Avail from 16/12
'Can't Stop Stuffing' stuffing kit (pork, fennel, orange & pine nuts)
Love My Whey Bird Brine
Pastured Turkey Bone Broth 500 ml
Avail from 01/12
Pastured NSW porchetta - fennel
Pastured NSW porchetta - rosemary
Pastured NSW shoulder porchetta - fennel
Pastured NSW shoulder porchetta - rosemary
Pastured NSW leg porchetta - fennel
Pastured NSW leg porchetta - rosemary
Pastured pork loin rack
Pastured pork shoulder roast on bone
Pastured pork shoulder boned roast
Sold Out
Pastured pork neck, boned roast
Pastured beef ribeye cutlet - dry aged (deposit)
Organic chicken liver paté
Only 3 left!
Produce gift voucher
Produce gift voucher
From $50.00
Nonie's Fabulous Panpepato
Nonie's Christmas Cake
Sold Out
Avail from 15/12
Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey: honeycomb Warré frame, 300 gm
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