Freshwater pastured Heritage turkey

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If you'd like us to thaw your turkey, please add a note when you check out. It takes three days to gently thaw in our cool room and will cost you $10.00 extra for handling. 

We have converted to the Brining camp because we seem to get better results. We make our brine with whey from the mozzarella production at Burraduc Buffalo Dairy. Brine your turkey before cooking with our unique Love My Whey Bird Brine and stuff it with our delicious Can't Stop Stuffing stuffing kit

Allow app 500 gm raw turkey per person when you're working out what size whole bird you'll need. Please get in touch if you're after a bird that's bigger than 8.0 kg and we'll order it for you. 

(If a whole bird's too much, try our delicious, heritage marinated, sous vide turkey breasts - super easy to prepare.) 

About Freshwater Heritage Turkeys

Jason and Claire Longbottom breed and pasture-raise their turkeys in the Clare Valley, South Australia. Aside from the fact that growing heritage-breed turkeys is rare in Australia, the Longbottoms are also unusual in that they breed as well as grow out their turkeys. Most table birds are dispatched from large, commercial breeders as day-old chicks that are grown out by farmers. There are only a handful of small farmers who are both breeding and growing commercial volumes of table poultry in Australia.

Animals raised free to roam outside on pasture grow more slowly than those that are contained in a shed or a feed lot and heritage-breed turkeys are naturally slower-growing than the more common commercial breeds that are selected for size and speed to market. The more gentle rate of growth and the benefits of a more active life and a more complex diet that includes plenty of grass and insects results in a well portioned bird with finely-textured, flavoursome meat and a higher fat content.   

Freshwater heritage breeds include Bourbon Red, Slate, Blue / Blue Palm, Painted, Royal Palm, Blue paint, Crimson Dawn, Black Wing Narragansett, Cinnamon, Oregon Grey, Sweet Grass, White and Black.

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