Dig in - Christmas 2021

Over the last few years nature has given us all a masterclass in the importance of diversity and connection. We’ve seen what happens when diversity is diminished and connections fray, or break altogether, and it’s not pretty.

So let's dig in and strengthen those connections.

Dig in to revitalise the soil that feeds us.
Dig in to support the people regenerating our landscapes.
Dig in and demand accountability and transparency.

Most importantly, this Christmas we'll be digging in to a celebratory feast and reconnecting with our communities, because after a year like 2021 we all deserve a damn good party.

Here’s a selection of treats for your Christmas table. Don't wait, dig in!

Dig Deep Two Good Fundraiser Raffle!
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help fund Two Good cooking classes for women in shelters to prepare fresher, healthier meals.
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Photo by Alan Benson, styling by Jane Hann.

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Dig Deep Two Good Cooking Classes Fundraiser Raffle
Christmas pudding with buffalo milk Lemon Myrtle Anglaise
Available from 11th Dec
Feather and Bone Mince Pies
Available from 11th Dec
Freshwater pastured Heritage turkey
Heritage turkey breast - marinated, sous vide
Sold Out
Pastured Emden-cross goose (deposit)
Love My Whey Bird Brine
'Can't Stop Stuffing' stuffing kit (pork, fennel, orange & pine nuts)
Available from 11th Dec
'Can't Stop Stuffing' stuffing - cooked 250gm
Sold Out
Large Sommerlad heritage Christmas chicken (deposit)
Sold Out
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: whole bone in
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: whole easycarve
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: half hock end
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: half round end
Sold Out
Skin and score
Organic Wild Ale & Wild Honey ham glaze
We'll glaze it for you!
Pig in Clover ham bag
Available from early Dec
Pastured NSW porchetta - fennel
Pastured NSW porchetta - rosemary
Pastured NSW shoulder porchetta - fennel
Pastured NSW shoulder porchetta - rosemary
Pastured pork loin, boned roast
Pastured pork loin rack
Pastured beef ribeye cutlet - dry aged (deposit)
Pastured Pork Terrine
Pastured Pork Terrine
From $30.00
Christmas spiced organic chicken liver paté
Jambon Persillé
Nonie's Christmas Cake
Sold Out
Nonie's Fabulous Panpepato
Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey: super gift pack
Available from early Dec
Produce gift voucher
Produce gift voucher
From $50.00
The Ethical Omnivore
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