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Usukuchi - Light Soy - is a traditional, additive-free shoyu. Aged for 1.5 years and perfect for finishing or seasoning.

If you'd like something heavier, try Igeta 'Koikuchi' - Dark Soy Sauce

Most soy sauce is made with cheap soybean meal and only 4% of all soy sauce is handmade from whole, Japanese soybeans. Founded in 1864, Inoue Honten are 6th generation Soy Sauce producers using traditional methods and whole, Japanese soybeans.

Ingredients: soybean, wheat, Koji-kin, salt

SIZE: 900ml

Here's the most delicious recipe for braised goat shoulder with eggplant, tomato and miso dressing which features both mirin and usukuchi (light) soy sauce from Matthew Evans' book For the Love of Meat.

Imported to Australia by the experts at Black Market Sake.

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