Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey: Blue Mountains Postbrood

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Available in 200g, 500g and 1kg jars. Read about our trip to visit Malfroys Gold hives.

This honey is intense, rich, creamy, warm, complex and off-the-charts delicious. Literally 10 years in the making, there is nothing else like this in Australia.

Winner of 2021, 2020 and 2019 Delicious Produce Awards national gold medals. Malfroys Gold was also awarded the National Trophy for Outstanding Artisan, 2021.

'Honeys produced and harvested from 'post-brood' comb have come through the broodnest over time and contain the essence of the plants' nectar, pollen and ‘kino’ resins. Post brood combs contain the highest amounts of bee bread (fermented pollen) and propolis, resulting in an outstandingly rich and complex flavour.'
Malfroys Gold website 

We've been buying natural beekeeper Tim Malfroy's wonderful Malfroy's Gold honey since 2011, but this new honey takes things to a completely new level. When Tim sent us a sample we were gob-smacked - we've never seen or tasted honey like this.

'Malfroy's 'Blue Mountains World Heritage Post Brood Polyflora' is a unique honey harvested exclusively from ‘post-brood’ combs. The dark, pollen-laden combs are crushed and strained gently at the end of the season. The liquid honey is settled and then bottled immediately into glass jars, where it sets into a smooth creamy texture.'
Malfroys Gold website

'Honey produced from post-brood combs in Warré hives contains up to 86,000 times the pollen found in conventionally produced honey and has medicinal benefits similar to a high grade Manuka honey.'
'Bee-guided Pharmacognosy', David Heaf, 2016

So, not only does it taste extraordinary, but it's also full of nutritious material and has medicinal qualities. How often is something that is indescribably delicious also good for you?

This honey has a rating of TA 10+ (equivalent to UMF 10+ / MGO 100+)

Warre hives located in World Heritage wilderness

This honey is produced by the bees in the ancient World Heritage listed Greater Blue Mountains area. Malfroys Gold apiaries are located in a diverse mix of eco-regions, providing an incredible diversity of nectar and pollen sources for the bees to forage. The resulting honey has a complex, intense and ever-changing flavour profile.

The protected area is over one million hectares in size, rising from sea level to over 1000m in altitude and is fantastically rich in melliferous wildflowers (more than 1,500 flowering species have been recorded and 13% of the worlds Eucalypt species occur here naturally). Importantly, and due to the large foraging radius of each bee colony, the honey is a distillation of the nectar from woodland, open forest, closed forest (rainforest), heathland, swampland, stream communities and the hanging swamps that occur on vertical cliff faces.

Due to this incredible diversity, no single jar of honey is the same; each speaks of the utterly unique landscape of the Blue Mountains.

Go to Malfroys Gold Terroir to find out more about the amazing wildflowers and landscape of the Greater Blue Mountains and Natural Beekeeping for more about this ethical approach to apiculture that focuses on bee health over honey yield.

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