Size: 500g Green Mallee

500 gm jar. Read about our trip to visit Malfroys Gold hives.

Another delicious variety. Here's what Tim Malfroy says about it on the Malfroys Gold website.

'Produced by our bees in the semi-arid mallee scrublands of Western NSW, Green Mallee is a sweet and mellow honey. Characterised by bright red soils and the short, multi-stemmed mallee trees, this savannah landscape yields a classic and uniquely Australian honey.

Instead of just a single trunk, Mallee trees are a type of dwarf Eucalypt that have many stems rising from a large bulbous woody structure called a lignotuber, or mallee root. Impressively adapted to fire, drought and other trauma (land-clearing), the trees can re-shoot from this root if the stems are destroyed. Green Mallee flowers every two to four years and the resulting honey has a remarkable density due to the dry desert climate in which it is produced.'

Malfroys Gold Wild Honey

Seasonal, wild honey, unfiltered and cold spun from frames in organically managed hives by the wonderful Tim Malfroy, second generation Apiarist and honey master. No heat above ‘beehive temperature’ is applied in the extracting or bottling stage, thereby retaining all the most nutritious materials and elements.

'Our beekeeping practices surpass the national organic and international Demeter biodynamic guidelines for apiculture. We call their honey ‘Wild’ for this reason, as it is produced in an entirely natural way; by wild bees in a wild environment. The Warré hives we use are made from local salvaged timber and are designed to mimic a tree hollow, the perfect home for a honeybee colony.

Wild honey is superior to all other honeys as it captures the unique terroir of the region in which it has been produced, is bee-friendly and ultimately more natural than other commercially available honey because the comb is produced entirely by the bees. In contrast, most commercially available honey has been produced from re-used or plastic combs and has been homogenised, micro-filtered, and pasteurised, thereby losing all discernible taste and health benefits..'

Visit the Malfroy's Gold website for more fascinating information about wild honey. 

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