Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Red Stringybark

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Red Stringybark

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Red Stringybark

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Red Stringybark
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Read about our trip to visit Malfroys Gold hives.

Produced from trees that only flower once every four to eight years, Pure Red Stringybark honey is one of the finest in Australia and is a rare and highly prized product. It's a deep, bright amber with a rich, spicy, toffee-like flavour with smoky, earthy undertones and an exceptionally high mineral content. It also has the second lowest GI rating of any Australian honey (44). 

Malfroys Gold Red Stringybark honey comes from Red Stringybark woodlands growing on the elevated hills of the Central Tablelands at altitudes of 800 to 1,100 metres in an extreme climate with highly variable rainfall.

Malfroys Gold Wild Honey (from the Malfroys Gold website)

'Our beekeeping practices surpass the national organic and international Demeter biodynamic guidelines for apiculture. We call their honey ‘Wild’ for this reason, as it is produced in an entirely natural way; by wild bees in a wild environment. The Warré hives we use are made from local salvaged timber and are designed to mimic a tree hollow, the perfect home for a honeybee colony.

Wild honey is superior to all other honeys as it captures the unique terroir of the region in which it has been produced, is bee-friendly and ultimately more natural than other commercially available honey because the comb is produced entirely by the bees. In contrast, most commercially available honey has been produced from re-used or plastic combs and has been homogenised, micro-filtered, and pasteurised, thereby losing all discernible taste and health benefits..'

Visit the Malfroy's Gold website for more fascinating information about wild honey.