For the uninitiated and those who couldn't imagine ever actually eating a giblet, our Confit Sommerlad Chicken Giblets are the treat you didn't know you needed.

Gently cooked in pastured duck fat with garlic, thyme, bay leaf and star anise, these Sommerlad giblets are tender little flavour bombs of dark chicken meat.

The giblet is a humble and under-appreciated organ that punches way above its weight in the flavour and nutrition stakes - particularly a Grassland Poultry Sommerlad Heritage chicken giblet which is about as good and clean and healthy as it gets in the world of chicken giblets.

240 ml jar - about 12 giblets.

Serving suggestions

These giblets have been confited so they can be eaten as is, but they're best warmed gently in the oven or in a pan. Make sure you use the duck fat - you'll have plenty left over for baked potatoes.

Skewer and warm over hot coals with a chilli dipping sauce, warm in a pan with some of the duck fat and jar juice and serve on a warm salad of braised leaves and carrots cooked in the pan juices or thinly slice and toss through a salad or pasta or serve on croutons with a dollop of mayo.

What is a giblet - or, in this case, a gizzard?
High in protein and vitamins, low in fat and easy on the hip pocket, a single gizzard provides almost 90% of the recommended daily intake of protein and a single serve equals 25% of your recommended daily intake of B12.

Located in the digestive tract, the gizzard is a critical organ comprised of strong, muscular walls that grind up the food that the animal eats. Chickens swallow grit and small stones that pass into the gizzard to aid with masticating the food and, when the gizzard is functioning properly, it promotes beneficial microbe production and gut health and contributes to the overall condition of the animal.

A healthy diet means a healthy gizzard which means a healthy gut and a healthy animal and, by extension, a healthy meal for you! The Grassland Sommerlads' whole grain diet (rare in the meat chicken industry) is key to this so a Sommerlad gizzard is a beautiful thing...

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