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This batch is made from Diemen's Ridge silverside and eye of silverside. Brined with fragrant aromatics and ready for you to poach and then serve with sauerkraut, white sauce and a dollop of Wild Ale & Honey Mustard. And, of course, potatoes. You must have potatoes, whatever kind you like best. Cook them in the poaching liquid while the beef cooks - so good. 

Get the Corned Beef Kit with beef, sauerkraut, white sauce and mustard.

For leftovers, nothing beats a Reuben sandwich or a simple plate of thinly sliced corned beef, good quality sourdough bread and mustard or pickles.

    About our corned beef

    Our beef is cured in an old-fashioned salt and sugar brine infused with aromatics (no chemicals). There is no Sodium Nitrate (curing salt) in this brine which is the agent that holds the pink colour in cured meat. This means our Corned Beef is chemical nitrate-free but it also means it may not be quite as pink as you might expect.

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