Shortcut to healthy, ethical ramen for two! Want to eat duck (but not low-welfare duck), love ramen and short on time? This one's for you... 

What's in the shortcut kit:

  • our fragrant duck ramen broth made with pasture-raised, Tathra Place Aylesbury/Pekin ducks
  • lightly smoked, pasture-raised duck breast
  • a pack of Hakubaku organic ramen noodles.

Have it straight up or add half a pastured boiled egg, or a few cubes of tofu or simmer some mushrooms, some leafy greens (or whatever vegetables you have in the fridge!) in the broth and top with fresh diced chilli, julienned ginger and a drizzle of our Mild Chilli Oil.

Broth ingredients

We make the broth in our kitchen with bones from the pasture-raised, Aylesbury/Peking ducks that we source whole, directly from Tathra Place Farm near Oberon, NSW, filtered water, mixed duck bones, ginger, onions, garlic, soy, mirin, kombu, yuzu.

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