Lamb leg wrapped in pastured pork capocollo


App 1.9-2.1 kg.

Spectacular dinner party centre piece! We've boned out most of the leg for easier carving but left the shank bone in so it still looks like a lamb leg. Then we've wrapped the lot in our delicious capocollo (the round one in the photo). The capocollo will crisp as it cooks and the fat will render out adding flavour to the lamb.

Roast, rest and carve. Each leg is about 2.0 kg and will feed 7-8 people.

Capocollo is thinly sliced, air-dried, cured whole muscle salume made from the muscle running from the head down through the neck. It's similar to prosciutto (made from the leg). Made from the mixed breed, pastured pigs we receive whole, sourced directly from NSW farms. 

The Producers

Lambs at the moment are Dorpers from chemical-free, New Horizon farms in the Riverina, NSW and Hampshire Down from Glenburnie in West Gippsland, Victoria.

    We buy whole lambs, mutton and hogget seasonally on a rotating basis from a number of farms. Your cut will come from whichever lamb is available when you order. The lamb we source is:

    • packed with the farm, breed and certification clearly labelled;
    • dry aged for between two to six weeks, depending on the cut;
    • lambs are 4 - 12 months old;
    • hormone and antibiotic-free;
    • grass-fed and finished on chemical-free pasture;
    • a mix of breeds including Suffolk, Texel and Dorper;
    • from NSW farms.

    The producers we work with are entirely transparent about their processes and welcome all questions. 

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