Shortcut to healthy, ethical ramen for two! Want to eat pork (but not low-welfare pork), love ramen and short on time? This one's for you... 

What's in the shortcut kit:

  • our fragrant pork broth made with pasture-raised pork bones
  • lightly smoked, pasture-raised pork neck
  • a pack of Hakubaku organic ramen noodles.

Have it straight up or add half a pastured boiled egg, or simmer some mushrooms, some leafy greens (or whatever vegetables you have in the fridge!) in the broth and top with fresh diced chilli or a generous drizzle of our Mild Chilli Oil.

Broth ingredients

We make the broth in our kitchen with bones from the pasture-raised pigs that we source whole, directly from regeneratively-managed NSW farms, filtered water, mixed pork bones, organic chicken bones, dark soy, mirin, ginger, onions, garlic, kombu.

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