Picnic Action!

Everything you need to celebrate the pleasure of gathering outdoors. Plenty of nose to tail treats and the necessary classics and all made from the animals raised on pasture at regeneratively-managed local farms.
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Organic chicken liver paté
Brawn (fromage de tête)
Confit Sommerlad Chicken Giblets
Smoked organic chicken breast - app 350g
Smoked Aylesbury-Pekin pastured duck breast - app 225 gm
Pastured NSW pork leg ham: sliced
Pastured NSW pork cacciatore, whole
Pastured NSW pork capocollo sliced Plain
Pastured NSW pork lonza - air-cured: sliced
Organic charcoal chicken
Wild Ale & Honey Mustard
Sold Out
Rocket, Walnut & Confit Garlic Pesto
Sausage rolls: pastured pork & fennel
Salsa Verde
Salsa Verde
Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse feta
Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse Mozzarella: 210 gm
Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse Dolce Nina (fresh buffalo curd)
Katie Swift Traditional Cordials
Brickfields white sourdough round
Brickfields 100% stoneground wholemeal sourdough
Brickfields milk bun
Brickfields ciabatta roll
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