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99.9% of Australian meat chickens are Cobb/Ross white broilers - genetics that prioritise growth speed and size over flavour and quality of life. We're proud to offer two other options as well - three different kinds of chickens. 

  • Sommerlad Heritage chickens 
    Slow growing, resilient, heritage birds that are bred to thrive ranging outside on Australian pastures - they look, behave and taste completely different to conventional white broilers. Bred, raised and processed at Grasslands Poultry near Wellington in NSW. More here.
  • Llandilo Heritage cockerels
    Male Rhode Island Red/Australorp breed chicks rescued from the egg industry and grown out on pasture for us by Ryan and Rebecca Cirello in the Sydney basin. Processed at 16-17 weeks old and air-dried at Feather and Bone. More here. 
  • Organic Cobb/Ross white chickens 
    Certified organic from Inglewood Farm, Queensland. We researched all the large certified organic poultry producers and, after visiting Inglewood, we concluded that they were the best partners for us.   

All our poultry is raised ranging freely outside on chemical-free pastures. All feed is medication-free and the birds are processed without bleach or chemicals. All products are labelled with the farm on which they're grown.

Photo of Grasslands Poultry Sommerlad by Alan Benson.

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