Blackbutt Organics pasture-raised Broad Breasted White turkeys


Certified organic, female Broad Breasted White turkeys that lived their lives wandering freely in the dappled light of a Pecan grove.

FROZEN ONLY - available from Friday 6 December. Please select the 'thawed' option if you'd like us to gently thaw your bird over several days in our cool room so it's ready for you to cook.

Add a Can't Stop Stuffing stuffing kit to complete your feast.  

    Which turkeys are available when:

    Freshwater heritage-breed, pastured turkeys  Frozen Available from 27 November
    Blackbutt Organics pastured, Broad Breasted White turkeys Frozen Available from 6 December
    Almond Grove pastured, Humane Choice Free Range Broad Breasted White turkeys Fresh Available from 20 December

      Please note: When seasonal turkeys are raised outside on pasture, their growing rates vary depending on genetics and weather. But, these days, most of us choose smaller turkeys for our Christmas feast, so the grower may decide to process and freeze the turkeys in advance rather than letting them grow too big to sell. This explains why we're offering frozen turkeys alongside the fresh ones. 

      Allow app 500 gm raw turkey per person when you're working out what size whole bird you'll need. Please get in touch if you're after a bird that's bigger than 8.0 kg and we'll order it for you. 

      Cooking suggestion

      This is how we roast our turkey with our Can't Stop Stuffing kit

      About Blackbutt organic turkeys

      Blackbutt farm, nestled in a bend of the mighty Clarence River, is owned and managed by Tim and Louise Dougherty, just outside Tabulum, 65 km’s west of Casino, in the far north of NSW. The farm’s main enterprise is cattle farming. However the Doughertys also grow Pecans in three substantial, organically-certified groves as well as seasonal, Broad Breasted White, female turkeys that live under the Pecan trees. The Pecans come into leaf each Spring at the same time as the poults (baby turkeys) become fully feathered and strong enough to leave the brooder and the trees provide a lovely, protected home.

      Both turkeys and trees benefit from this cohabitation. For three months the turkeys wander the fenced, predator-free Pecan groves in the dappled light, enjoying the significantly cooler air temperatures found under the trees. Along with the grasses and insects they forage, they are fed certified organic feed from the local mill, containing a high percentage of biochar, a critical contributor to gut health in these un-medicated birds. As they range through the groves, they leave behind rich manure that fertilises the soil and the trees. 

      By the time the nut harvest begins in Autumn, the manure is fully broken down and absorbed into the soil, allowing the Pecan nuts to be collected from the ground free from contamination.

      Cooked turkey photographs: Alan Benson. Styling: Michele Cranston 

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