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Artisan sourdough cold fermented with natural sourdough starter. 

Ingredients: Baker's Flour, Wholewheat Flour*, Water, Salt, Malt Syrup, Sourdough Starter.

* 100% Wholewheat Flour contains 100% wholegrains. This means the endosperm, the mineral rich bran and vitamin-E rich germ remain in their original proportions. The flour, which is milled fresh each week, is made by grinding the grain slowly to preserve the vitamin and protein content. This process also allows the natural oils in the grain to saturate the flour giving you a creamier, more fragrant and nutritionally superior wholegrain flour.

Brickfields Bakery is an old friend and neighbour and maker of very delicious sourdough breads, pastries and treats.

We've been using their ciabatta rolls and buns for our events for ages and selling their delicious bread in the butchery on Saturdays. Now we've decided it's time to offer it to those of you who can't get here on Saturday.

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