Llandilo Heritage Cockerels are male chicks rescued from the local egg industry by R and R Roosters and grown out on pasture.

This is a great product from every angle; it's a wonderful story of turning waste into nutrition, it adds precious diversity in a monocultural meat chicken industry, it supports a local food business in the Sydney basin and they taste damn good too! Do yourself a favour. Waste not, want not. 

  • Rhode Island Red / Australorp breed
  • 16-17 weeks old, pasture-raised
  • Processed at the on-farm abattoir
  • Air-dried at Feather and Bone
  • Approximately 1.3-1.7 kg per bird

Delicious, firm-textured and flavoursome.

This product is usually sold fresh. If we've run out, we'll give you frozen.

Pictured: Llandilo Cockerel dish served at 10 William Street by Frank Guest. Photo by Katie Ridgeway.

Read about Llandilo Heritage Cockerels.

Enthusiastic response

'Over Easter we had one of your cockerels as coq au vin prepared by our French son in law. All agreed it was excellent and better than if it had been made using an ordinary chicken. We shall order more. My son in law has said he’s surprised how few different varieties of chicken are available here. We have tried your Sommerlad chickens which are very good.’
Ken N., 4 April 2021

Cooking suggestions 

Coq au vin

Pot Roasted Cockerel

A Coq au Vin from the Friends of Feather and Bone facebook group.

Coq au Vin with a real Cockerel! Inspired by Kerry Edwards' post from late July, I ordered a cockerel from F & B. This rainy weekend seemed the perfect time to cook it. I broke it into pieces on Sat, made stock with the neck, wingtips & backbone. I followed Matthew Evans recipe with a few of my own twists: I marinated the pieces in the wine, garlic, thyme & bay Sat night. I took the pieces out Sun afternoon, put them over a rack & back into the fridge to dry out. As Matthew suggests, I used a white wine instead of red... It was delicious! There's enough leftover for dinner tomorrow night too.

Matthew Evan's Coq au Vin recipe from his book 'The Real Food Companion' suggests using white wine because Australian chicken is invariably bland. But we reckon these cockerels are much more flavoursome than most commercial chicken so you could definitely go with red wine if that's what you fancied.

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