Hock end half ham - pasture-raised, NSW pork


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Between 3.0 - 3.3 kg.

This is the hock end of the hams made from pigs that are raised entirely outside on pasture. Only about 2% of Australian ham is made from pasture-raised pork and we are proud to say that all of our cured pork products come from pigs born and bred and free to range on pasture at a handful of NSW farms.

What's more, since mid-2019, we've been able to track each ham leg so, in most cases, your ham will be labelled with the farm on which the pig was born and bred.

When you've finished working your way through the ham, toss the bone into a stock pot with lots of vegetables and wine and make a delicious soup.

Make it easy on yourself!
Let us skin and score your ham ready for glazing.
Try our fine Wild ale & wild honey ham glaze made with Wildflower's Gold Wild Australian Ale and Malfroy's Gold Wild Yellow Box Honey. 
Or we'll glaze your ham for you (available for pick up orders only)!

Our hams are brined (salt and sugar) and smoked and contain the lowest level of nitrite (0.002%).

The legs we turn into hams arrive at our factory as whole animals direct from the farm through the abattoir. We know which farms our hams came from, how they’ve been stored, how they’ve been cured and, finally, who is buying them. Not many butchers can give you that kind of detail.

The majority of hams on offer at Christmas are purchased as boxes of pig legs with no discernible provenance - no one would know where they came from or how they were raised.

The Producers
We buy whole bodies of a range of different sized pigs on a rotating basis from a number of farms - from big baconers through to suckling pigs. Most available cuts come from porker pigs which are about 50-65 kg that are 5-7 months old. The pork we source is:

  • packed with the farm and breed clearly labelled;
  • hormone and antibiotic-free;
  • entirely free ranging on chemical-free pasture;
  • a mix of breeds including Berkshire, Landrace, Large White, English Large Black, Duroc, Wessex Saddleback and Tamworth;
  • from NSW farms.

Photograph: Alan Benson

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