Juicy Breast Stuffing: avail from 19 Dec


400 gm pack.

The Juicy Breast Stuffing is made with local cheesemaker Kristen Allan's fresh, buttermilk ricotta made from Pepe Saya buttermilk milk combined with lemon zest, toasted organic pine nuts, lemon myrtle leaves from our backyard and fresh thyme.

This is stuffing but not as you know it. No one likes dry turkey breast so, rather than sitting inside the turkey cavity, this stuffing is gently inserted underneath the skin, thereby protecting the breast and keeping it moist and juicy.

Can be used with duck and chook too... (would be particularly good with the Jumbo Sommerlad Heritage Chook).

It's also Kristen's whey that we're using to brine our Marinated, sous vide turkey breasts.

Insert the stuffing delicately between the skin and the breast meat (and the legs too) and, as your bird cooks, the ricotta sets and keeps the breast lovely and moist, preventing the dreaded, dry turkey breast. When you carve your bird you get beautiful lines of breast, herby, lemony ricotta, dotted with pine nuts and crisp turkey skin.

Kristen Allan makes her ricotta with Country Valley milk from Picton, a little cream and lots of love.

(Did you know that pine nuts come from pine cones, can take three years to mature and are difficult to harvest and store?)

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