Pheasant whole - Kangaroo Island Heritage Hill


Heritage Hill Pheasants and Partridges are a rare treat that we only receive once or twice a year. 

These birds are about six months old.

Pictured are two recipes: roasted pheasant with jus and bread sauce and pot roasted pheasant with cider and bacon to get you started.

John and Christine Kersley grow partridges and pheasants in large, netted enclosures set up on their pristine, coastal bushland on Kangaroo Island, South Australia. The birds are free to fly and forage within the enclosures, contained and protected from predators by netting that stretches over the trees. To put that into context, other commercially-available partridge or pheasants are grown in cages.

The birds forage for insects and grasses and are fed green vegetables and a grain ration of lupins, oats and wheat, some of which is steeped in locally-made, Kangaroo Island red wine. Apparently the  birds enjoy this part very much. As you would. 

Each year, the Kersleys sell most of their birds to the fancy Southern Ocean Lodge on the island, but 2019's raging bushfires burnt the lodge to the ground and put paid to that arrangement. Without the Lodge and with other Southern markets closed through the pandemic, in 2020 we found ourselves the fortunate recipients of these wonderful birds and we've been getting them each year since then.

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