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300 gm jar. Made from locally-sourced cows' milk, Pepe Saya buttermilk, cream and salt. 

Kristen Allan's ricotta is rich and delicious and very difficult to resist. We're particularly pleased and proud to be offering this product, partly because it's very good and also because Kristen is a friend and it's exciting and wonderful to see her long-held dream come to life. Kristen was Sydney's most charming restaurant manager but what she really wanted to do was make cheese and, after years of working toward her goal, Kristen finally opened her Cheesery in Alexandria at the end of 2017. 

Kristen's ricotta goes with everything but it's particularly good with Nonie's bread - particularly the Charcoal and Quinoa Bread lathered with ricotta, fresh figs and drizzled with Malfroys Gold honey. Or ripe tomatoes drizzled with a little Chilli Oil and sprinkled with sea salt.

Buttermilk ricotta gnocchi
As part of my current obsessive baking / cooking therapy regime and because I'm a rabid glutton and constantly looking for more excuses to eat Kristen's ricotta, I recently made ricotta gnocchi. They were, I have to say, a screaming success. Soft and light but rich and satisfying. 'Restaurant quality' was the verdict. They were so good that there aren't any photos because we ate it all so quickly so you'll just have to make them yourself to see what I mean. Here's the recipe.

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