Marinated, butterflied quail: rosemary and lemon


Like spatchcock only more interesting and super quick to cook. Each quail is a perfect single person serve - about 200-220 gm. We receive fresh quail each fortnight so yours will be fresh or frozen depending on availability.

There are two marinade options to choose from: Rosemary & Lemon and Harissa

This one's with fresh rosemary, lemon, organic garlic, Karrabool Extra Virgin olive oil, salt and pepper and butterflied them (flattened them out) which means that they cook on a barbecue or chargrill in about eight minutes. All you have to do is work out what sides you're going to serve with your quail.

Piccolo Quail was the winner of the National 2017 Delicious Produce Award 'From the Paddock' prize - voted the best product in it's category from across Australia by the judges. They've been on the menu at Fred's and Quay.

The Producer

Piccolo Farm is a small, mixed produce family farm run on permaculture principles by Lizzie and Gianluigi Buscaino near Thirlmere, NSW. 99% of commercially available quail are raised in sheds (one veteran producer actually started their business raising quail in a building in the CBD!).

Piccolo Quail are bred and raised on the farm on pasture. After they hatch, for the first few weeks, they live in a large, deep litter brooder with an inside and outside run. At about two weeks, once they’re fully feathered and weather permits, the quail move outside into mobile, partially-covered, wire poly-tunnel shelters. Because quail fly, they need to be kept in covered enclosures or they’ll take off.

The wire enclosure provides protection from predators and prevents flight but allows air and light and the covered section keeps them shaded and dry. There’s no floor so the birds are directly on the grass which is what they prefer - quail forage, sleep and nest on the ground. They prefer tallish grass and a few will choose to make little burrows. The tunnels are moved onto fresh pasture each day which gives the quail fresh green pick and insects.

Visit Piccolo Farm for more information.

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