A simple, comforting classic made with our beef and Pasta Emilia organic pasta. Our lasagna is rich but not heavy. 

0.9 kg - 1.0 kg will feed two to three people. This product is frozen.

Everything is better when you're tucking into a plate of delicious, rich lasagna. It seems to have magical properties that tame tantruming children into jolly compliance and reduce irate adults to dribbling, docile, beaming darlings.

Reheating instructions
Your lasagna is frozen so it will take an hour or so to reheat in its compostable container. Preheat the oven to 180. Take the lasagna out of the plastic (not the container), cover it and pop it in the oven for 40 minutes. Check to make sure it's getting nice and hot in the centre. Then remove the cover and warm for another 15 minutes and it should be bubbling and hot. Let it sit for a few minutes before serving. When you're finished, chuck the container in your compost.

Ingredients: pastured beef, brown onion, tomato, wine, our beef broth, butter, flour, milk, cheese, mozzarella, olive oil. May contain traces of nuts, seeds, eggs and soy.

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