Pasture-raised Cobb/Ross white chicken grown outside Gerringong, just south of Sydney at Crooked River Farm.

Large chooks are 1.8 - 2.0 kg in size, plus or minus 10%.
Medium chooks are 1.6 - 1.8 kg in size, plus or minus 10%

This product is usually sold fresh. If we've run out, we'll give you frozen. Please specify if you only want fresh.

Try Nonie's roast chook recipe with buttermilk ricotta

The Producers
Crooked River meat chickens are part of a regenerative, rotational grazing system, designed to maximise fertility with minimal inputs and intervention. The meat birds are rotated with laying hens and cattle and the intention is to introduce other species in the near future. Rotating the animals on pasture has multiple advantages including natural fertilisation, improved pasture growth and greater opportunity for the birds to forage and graze and express instinctive behaviours.

Crooked River chicks spend two weeks in the brooder and, when they’re sufficiently feathered, they’re moved onto pasture within a secure housing system that is moved daily and keeps them safe but provides room to range. After about four weeks, the birds are given access to open pasture protected with mobile electric fencing.

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