Pasture-raised Cobb/Ross white chicken. See more about the way they're raised below.

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The Producers

Topi Farm meat chickens are raised outside on pasture at Topi Farm at Bungwahl near Seal Rocks on the temperate mid-north NSW coast - just down the road from Burraduc Buffalo farm. The chickens are kept in the brooder for two to three weeks until they're sufficiently feathered to cope with the weather, after which they are moved outside to range freely on pasture. They're constantly moved onto fresh pasture so they always have clean, green pick and are protected by mobile electric fencing. Along with grass and grubs, they chickens are fed certified organic grain. 

Every effort is made to work in harmony with nature with minimal inputs and intervention. No synthetic props such as non-natural growth promotants, pesticides or herbicides are used and stocking densities and rotational strategies are used to maximise fertility and sustainability.

While Topi Farm is managed according to organic principles and the chickens are fed certified organic grain, the farm isn't certified with any of the official certifying bodies so we don't advertise Topi chickens as 'organic'.

Crooked River meat chickens are part of a regenerative, rotational grazing system, designed to maximise fertility with minimal inputs and intervention. The meat birds are rotated with laying hens and cattle and the intention is to introduce other species in the near future. Rotating the animals on pasture has multiple advantages including natural fertilisation, improved pasture growth and greater opportunity for the birds to forage and graze and express instinctive behaviours.

Crooked River chicks spend two weeks in the brooder and, when they’re sufficiently feathered, they’re moved onto pasture within a secure housing system that is moved daily and keeps them safe but provides room to range. After about four weeks, the birds are given access to open pasture protected with mobile electric fencing.

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