Leg Ham half: pastured, heritage-breed pork

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Around 3.25 - 3.75 kg. Choose the hock end or the round end.

Your pasture-raised ham will be labelled with the farm from which it came so you can trace it back to the source. We're proud to say that we know exactly where all our ethically-raised pigs come from, we've visited every farm and can vouch for each one. 

We can skin and score your ham to make things easier and we recommend glazing with our Wild ham glaze.

Or we can do it all and glaze your ham for you! (Pick up only.)

All our leg hams come from the whole, slow-growing, heritage-breed, pasture-raised pigs we source directly from regeneratively-managed NSW farms. This means that the pigs are regularly moved to new territory that offers fresh foraging opportunities, diversity and allows the landscape to rest and recover. More detail below.

About our pastured hams

Only about 2% of Australian ham is made from pasture-raised pork and we are proud to say that all of our cured pork products come from pasture-raised, hormone and chemical-free pigs. Our supply chain is short, humane and transparent, allowing for every chance to achieve the highest quality and accountability. 

Your heritage-breed, pasture-raised ham will be from one of a variety of pig breeds including Berkshire, Duroc, English Large Black, English Large White, Tamworth and Wessex Saddleback and they are born and bred outside on pasture with the freedom to express instinctive behaviour. 

We source from these farms:

  • McIvor Farm Foods, Tooborac, Vic
  • Near River Produce Berkshire pigs, Hollisdale, NSW
  • Pillar Rock pastured pork, Binaway, NSW
  • OxHill Organics pigs, Wauchope, NSW
  • Stockinpiggle Hampshire pigs, Stockinbingle, NSW
  • Wallendbeen Park pastured pork, Wallendbeen, NSW

Our hams are brined (salt and sugar) and lightly smoked and contain the lowest level of nitrite (0.002%).

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