Virtuous veal bangers for frankfurter freaks of all ages! All the fun of frankfurters without worrying about where the ingredients come from. (Most frankfurters are highly processed, pink mush containing the waste trimmings from the commodity meat industry and laced with preservatives, colouring and flavourings - the last thing you'd want to feed yourself or your loved ones.)  

Go trad with mustard, sauce and a bread roll, or serve with creamy mash and pickles or do like the Germans and go 'currywurst' - chunks of sausage, chips and tomato sauce seasoned with curry powder.

400 gm pack, about 6-7 sausages.

Cooking instructions
Our frankfurters are already cooked/smoked so all you need to do is warm them through. Add aromatics (half a sliced onion, bay leaf, pepper corns) to a pot of water and bring to the boil. Turn off the heat, take your frankfurters out of the pack and pop them in the water for about 10 minutes til they're warmed through. If that sounds too hard, you can skip the aromatics, leave the sausages in the pack and chuck it into a just-boiled pot of water for 10 minutes.   

About the veal
Our frankfurters are made with veal from six month old, Holstein dairy bull calves from Styx River Dairy Farm, west of Hobart. Usually a waste product discarded at birth or soon after, these male calves are given colostrum prior to weaning before being relocated next door to a regeneratively-managed beef farm, where they range on lush, chemical-free pastures for about six months. At this stage, they're classified as rose veal and the carcass yield is around 100-120 kg.  

Ingredients: rose veal, beef fat, water, mustard, sweet paprika, coriander seeds, nutmeg, milk powder, celery salt, salt.

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