650 gm pack - fresh or frozen.

A classic, mild, green chicken curry based on a David Thompson recipe and made with a mix of certified organic and pasture raised chicken thighs, thai herbs and spices and coconut milk. It's flavoursome but family friendly so if you're a chilli fiend like me you'll need to add some fresh chilli when you heat it up or on the table.

Serving suggestion

Serve as is with steamed rice or noodles, a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a sprinkle of coriander leaves. If you're up to it, you can steam or stir fry vegetables on the side. Alternatively, just chuck in a few handfuls of whatever vegetables you've got in the fridge chopped into small pieces and they'll cook in the curry juices.

Why we make it

It’s been a long day, you’re exhausted, it’s late and if one more person asks ‘what’s for dinner?’ you’re going to do something regrettable.

Relax. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up for a minute and let us make dinner easy for you with the Conscientious Carnivore’s answer to fast food.

If you're like us, the quest to achieve a sane work/life balance sometimes feels like a cross between an extreme sport practised by certified lunatics and a form of medieval torture, so the ease of these dishes has great appeal. If you don't have kids then you're probably even more crazy busy as there's more time and more room to take on more things.

Either way, most people we know - kidded or otherwise - feel as though they spend a good part of their lives in one of those NASA G-Force simulators and we could all do with a break from the dinner treadmill now and then.

Enter the Put Your Feet Up Sauces which do most of the work of putting dinner on the table for you.

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