Real Mince Pies

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A box of six pies. Available from 9 December.

Welcome to the traditional Feather and Bone mince pie, a far cry from your average Christmas confection and offering a rich and complex flavour with a velvety mouthfeel that you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Even if we say so ourselves!  

What makes our mince pies different? 

Back in the Middle Ages, the word ‘mete' referred to food generally, not just animal flesh, and 'mincemeat' was a mixture of suet, meat, dried fruit, distilled spirits, aromatics and spices. The rich, spicy flavours we associate with mince pies were introduced in the 13th century by crusaders returning to Europe armed with new spices and recipes from the Middle East. 

Over time, the mincemeat pie was adapted and sweetened and became more like a dessert and finally forgot its namesake ingredient altogether.

We’ve put the meat back in. 

We use a traditional mincemeat recipe that harks back to the Middle Ages and includes suet and beef mince, dried fruit, citrus peel and generous amounts of distilled spirits.

A real mincemeat mix, like beef and wine, needs to be aged to deepen the flavours and allow the preservative action of the alcohol, which gradually changes the overall texture of the mixture by breaking down the meat proteins. Apparently, preserved mincemeat may be stored for up to ten years. Five weeks was enough for us...

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