Another dish from our 'Put Your Feet Up' collection. A traditional Hungarian goulash (stew) made with Rose Veal shoulder and neck. The veal is tender and almost falling apart, the paprika gives the sauce a lovely, smoky depth and the button mushrooms add texture and jack the flavour up another notch. 

The veal we source is four to eight months old, grass and milk fed and sourced directly from NSW farms and Stix River Dairy in Tasmania. 

Gently heat and stir through a little Burraduc Buffalo Dairy yoghurt or sour cream before serving. So good.

750 gm.

Depending on the demographics of your household, a 750 gm jar should feed three people comfortably with rice, potato or pasta and piles of vegetables or leafy greens. However, if your household includes teenagers with a superhuman ability to vacuum up the entire contents of a pantry just by opening the doors, you may find that one jar isn't enough...

Ingredients: rose veal, button mushrooms, brown onions, tomatoes, NSW chemical-free garlic, sherry vinegar, smoked & sweet paprika, fennel seeds, bay leaves, pepper, salt. May contain traces of nuts, seeds, eggs and soy.

Why 'Put Your Feet Up'?

If you're like us, the quest to achieve a sane work/life balance sometimes feels like a cross between an extreme sport practised by certified lunatics and a form of medieval torture, so the ease of this dish has great appeal. If you don't have kids then you're probably even more crazy busy as there's more time and more room to take on more things.

Either way, most people we know - kidded or otherwise - feel as though they spend a good part of their lives in one of those NASA G-Force simulators and we could all do with a break from the dinner treadmill now and then.

Relax. Pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up for a minute and let us make dinner easy with the Conscientious Carnivore’s answer to fast food - our Put Your Feet Up range which do most of the work for you.

The veal we source is: 

  • packed with the farm, certification (if applicable) and breed clearly labelled;
  • aged between four to eight months;
  • milk and grass-fed;
  • hormone and antibiotic-free;
  • born and bred on sustainably-managed (chemical-free) pasture;
  • raised with its mother and family group;
  • sourced directly from NSW farms and Stix River Dairy in Tasmania.

Read more about our veal here.

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