This is our shot at making ordering easier...and more affordable because it's about 8-10% cheaper if you buy a box.

The Lady Mazlin Meat Tray yields six-seven meals for approximately $6-8.00 per person. More than Macca's but a helluva lot better for you and the world in which we live.

The box will typically include a combination of primary and secondary cuts to satisfy the conscious carnivore and fast and slow cooking cuts to suit the rhythm of your week. The contents change depending on what's in stock and we sometimes put frozen produce in if fresh isn't available.

In case you're wondering, the Lady Mazlin Meat Tray is named after the clever and lovely customer whose idea it was to put together a boxed offer.

These are the kind of cuts you can expect.

      Large Small
    app 1.0 kg
    app 500 gm
    Roast on the bone (like brisket or pork shoulder)
    app 1.5 kg
    app 800 gm
    Braising dice
    1.0 kg
    500 gm
    Organic chicken breast or marylands
    1.0 kg 500 gm
    Sausages or mince 1.0 kg 500 gm
    Bacon or ham 200 gm 200 gm
    Pastured eggs 1 doz Half doz

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