The Bruce will give about 21 people about 250 gm each (standard serve) at about $6.40 per person.

Bruce is here for the barbie with a lovely mix of bbq-ready, marinated meats. The Bruce is bigger and The Sheila is smaller. Cheaper in the box than buying all the bits separately.

  • Marinated lamb loin chops (fresh rosemary, organic garlic, Karrabool olive oil, lemon zest) x app 500 gm
  • Marinated, butterflied organic chicken (Portugese style with home-made Piri Piri sauce) x app 1.7 kg
  • Marinated pasture-raised pork scotch fillet steaks (soy, Malfroys Gold honey, organic garlic, five spice) x app 700 gm
  • Pasture-fed and finished beef blade steak (cook quickly on a hot bbq and rest) x app 1.0 kg
  • Pasture-fed and finished beef or lamb burgers (no preservatives or fillers - pure meat, herbs and spices) x 4 pieces
  • Beef, lamb or pork sausages (no preservatives or fillers, natural skins) x 1.0 kg

That's Bruce and Sheila in their speedos.

To celebrate The Year of the Pastured Pig, each month over the next six months we'll be giving away one sixth of a whole pig to a Feather and Bone box customer. Buy a box and go into the running to win kilos of gorgeous pastured pork. The more boxes you buy, the better your chances. Go for it!

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