The perfect election party package - feed 12 people for only $4.60 each! An election special 10% discount to reward hard working Australians! 

Three fabulous sausages and the gob-smackingly good Belted Galloway Beef Chuck & Brisket Burger - best burger in the country!

Great flavour, great value and great ethics!

Never let it be said that the Feather and Bone Party is not a broad church and this announcement is directed to all Australians with a vote to swing our way and a dollar to spend in our butchery.

Today we offer you an inspiring vision for your Saturday polling day sausage sizzle. A vision that outlines a truly nutritious and healthy future for our children, that doesn't discriminate on the basis of gender or race, that is priced to give hard working Australians a fair go, that supports small business and that will allow your Election Day party to compete on the world stage.

It's time for all Australians to take their rightful place at the barbecue and get a serve of something that is made with genuine Australian produce grown on regeneratively-managed Australian farms. It's time for all Australians to put their money where their mouth is and support agriculture that genuinely builds diversity, fertility and resilience. And, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for all Australians to be given the opportunity try Feather and Bone's gob-smackingly good Belted Galloway Beef Chuck & Brisket Burger!

Every Australian who buys a Pork Barrel Bonanza will win our undying loyalty and bask in a warm, smug feeling as you pass around your sanctimonious snags and beneficial burgers. Most importantly, every purchase is helping to build A Better Food Future for our children and grandchildren and for all generations to come. So, no pressure then.

Actually, to be honest, it's the Pork, Lamb & Beef Barrel Bonanza. The Feather and Bone Party stands for Guaranteed Provenance, Full Transparency, No Exceptions so you can trust us to tell you the truth about your sausages. Unlike the Honourable Melissa Price, we know that the devil is in the detail.

Now, I'm sure Ms Price would like one of our lovely burgers, has anyone seen her lately?

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