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Perfect for splashing in the pan with extra wine when you’re roasting your turkey. Made from Almond Grove turkey bones, onion, celery, carrot, bay leaves, pepper corns, apple cider vinegar.   

About Almond Grove

Almond Grove Broad Breasted White turkeys are the only Humane Choice Free Range certified turkeys in Australia. They're grown by John Holland at his NASAA organic certified farm at Murray Bridge in South Australia and we've been buying John's excellent turkeys since 2014.

While Almond Grove Farm has been NAASA certified organic for 12 years and produces organic almonds and olives, the turkeys themselves can't be marketed as organic because the feed ration they receive isn't made from organic grain. So, while they're pretty close - they range on certified organic pastures and are endorsed by Humane Choice - they're not Organic. But, in our humble opinion, they're raised with great care and skill and provide an excellent table bird. 

How the turkeys are raised

The poults arrive as day olds and are housed in gas-heated, hay bale sheds for the first three to four weeks until their feathers grow and they're robust enough to go outside. They're fed on a customised, antibiotic and medication-free formula of Turkey Starter Crumbles.

At around three to four weeks, they allowed into a small yard and then into a larger area. During this time, they are weaned off the crumbles and moved onto roller milled grain, predominately wheat, with a mixture of lupins, peas, lucerne, and a vitamin/mineral mix, also without medication. This feed is mixed on-farm so it's as fresh as possible. Along with the grain feed, they forage and graze on green pick and insects in the pastures.

From five weeks they have access to open paddocks, which are fenced with two metre high fencing, giving them the freedom to wander in and out of the yards during the day. They tend to return to the yards later in the day and are shut in each night. Maremma dogs live with the turkeys day and night, guarding them from foxes. At between 12 to 20 weeks, the turkeys are transported to the nearby Kapowie Poultry processor and then dispatched to us.

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