Veal shoulder roast with anchovies & sage


Small will feed three people, the large will feed five to six.

The combination of sage, anchovies and tender Rose veal is ideal - the veal is sweet and tender, the sage gives a lovely herbaceous note and anchovy is the secret, invisible ingredient that takes it to the next level. The caul fat holds it all together and melts in the cooking to add more flavour.

Veal neck or shoulder is a gorgeous, slow cooking cut that is delicious all year round with roasted or steamed vegetables or a crisp salad. 

Cook it long and slow for a melt-in-your mouth, delicious and delicate result. 

Veal from 6 month old dairy calves from Styx River Dairy in Tasmania. Veal from 6 month old dairy calves from Styx River Dairy at Bushy Park, about half an hour west of Hobart. Instead of treating the unwanted bull calves as a waste product, these boys are given colostrum prior to weaning before being moved onto the neighbour's regeneratively-managed pastures where they graze for six months or so. 5-8 month-old grass and milk-fed veal gives you flavour and tenderness. 

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