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We're a traditional, whole-animal butchery sourcing whole, pasture-raised animals directly from regenerative farms that are building healthy soil, plants and animals. We visit every farm so we can give you chapter and verse about where your meat comes from and how it lived and died. We practice the traditional craft of dry-aging our meat and you can buy online, pick up from our shop or join us for a butchery class.
We see ourselves as part of a mutually-supportive relationship between the farmer, us and our customers. Each of us plays a vital, active role in supporting the others and promoting better land, animal and human welfare.

Never bare the earth: news from our farms

Never bare the earth: news from our farms

Guided by the principle of never baring the earth and thereby retaining topsoil and moisture, regeneratively-managed farms are generally much more resilient in the face of extreme weather and these farmers don't end up facing the dreadful crises portrayed by the media of farmers forced to shoot skeletal animals and pastures reduced to dust.
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Wallendbeen pig feeding July 2018

Mr Bone's road trip days 1 & 2: South West Slopes, NSW

Last Sunday, Mr Bone set off on a road trip to visit seven or eight farms starting in the Riverina, up to Orange and back through Mudgee. This is the first report from that trip covering three farms and we'll be posting more as he goes. 
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Why we think it's so important to go on farm trips

Why we think it's so important to go on farm trips

We live in a period of unprecedented dissociation from our food sources and we believe it's critically important to 'open up the line of sight between the farm and the consumer'*.
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