Traditional, whole animal butchery

Greater quality control, absolute transparency.

Delicious, nutritious food grown in healthy landscapes.

Real flavour, not the sort cooked up by food chemists in labs.

Like the farmers we support, we keep things natural.

Only pasture-raised meat and poultry from local, sustainable farms.

Healthy ecosystems > nutrient-dense food > healthy humans. 

We've been sourcing and butchering ethically-raised meat and poultry directly from Australia's leading, regeneratively-managed farms since 2006. The most sustainably-farmed, best organic quality, shortest supply chains and fair returns for farmers.
No false claims, no greenwashing, no bull.

Order by midday for next day delivery or pop in to Marrickville or Waverley.

No nasties

Natural food tastes best - no chemical pesticides, fertilisers, hormones, antibiotics, additives or preservatives.

Biodiversity rules

We source heritage breeds from local farms fostering biodiversity at every level. Healthy food comes from healthy soil.


All our animals live outside, free to express instinctive behaviours - growing slowly, building strong, healthy bodies.

Cassoulet Kit

One pot wonder.
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Whole Lamb Butchery Class

Sat 10th August
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