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"It is both a beautiful book but also one of great importance..." ~ Charles Massy, author of 'Call of the Reed Warbler'
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One of Australia's few whole body butcheries • Established in 2006 • 14 years promoting regenerative agriculture and ethical meat consumption • Sourcing directly from local farms • Transparent, traceable, nutritious.

"Just wanted to also thank you for the incredible work you are doing - from ethical practices, sustainability and regeneration to being a whole animal butcher and promoting transparency. It’s really such incredible work and I’m so happy to have been recommended to you. I have actually been vegetarian for 5 years, due to ethical and environment reasons. It’s been a big journey but I am eating meat again because of the work you are doing and to know there is a middle way out there. I love your philosophy of eat less meat but better quality. You guys are the real deal!"

Customer email, 2019

Mr Bone's GG lamb shoulder

Mr Bone's GG lamb shoulder

On Sunday night, to celebrate Feral 1's Gorgeous Girlfriend's birthday, Mr Bone cooked this most delicious lamb shoulder with beans, a Greek salad made with Sift Produce goodies and Burraduc Buffalo with feta and some crusty Brickfields Bakery sourdough to soak up the juices.

Here's the recipe in case you want to try it yourself. You'll also need to order yourself a lamb shoulder.

Afterwards, we forced ourselves to squeeze in a slice of Flour and Stone Lemon Dream cake and then, stuffed and raucous, we debated at unnecessary volume about everything from shoplifting to Jacinda. Somehow, despite our tendencies after a really good feed and plenty of wine, the GG exerts a mysterious, civilising influence on us all and when she's around, tempers never fray too thin and no one ends up flouncing off to their room.

Girlfriends are godsends.

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We're all in this together

We're all in this together

Whether we like it or not, we're all rising and falling on the same tide and we're all in this together.
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Llandilo heritage cockerels - both ordinary and very special

Llandilo heritage cockerels - both ordinary and very special

Ever eaten a rooster laid by a chicken bred specifically to produce eggs? For most of us, the answer is 'never'.

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