Burraduc Buffalo milk dairy
NSW farmhouse cheese and yoghurt
Meatballs & Roast Tomato Sauce
Retail Sales Manager wanted!
Spend each day selling delicious food and telling great stories
Belted Galloway hide cured with Black Wattle bark
True nose to tail
Eat a balanced diet
Sift Produce fruit & vegetables: every Saturday at Feather and Bone
Pig's Arse collection
Collaboration with artist Julie Paterson

Guaranteed provenance. Full transparency. No exceptions.

We sell locally-grown, pasture-raised meats that are mostly certified organic, bio-dynamic, PROOF or Humane Choice Free Range. We work towards a better food future by sourcing whole animals exclusively from regenerative farmers, using the whole body and promoting a balanced diet.

When you buy meat grown by these farmers, you're playing an active role in supporting better land, animal and human welfare.

We'd like to see a day where the only meat anyone eats is from animals grown outside on pasture by farmers who are contributing to regeneration, biodiversity and the overall health and sustainability of our ecosystem.

Plate to Paddock - consumers as change agents

Plate to Paddock - consumers as change agents

Two interesting newsletters came across our desk this week which, on the heels of our fruity rhapsodising about the beautiful carcasses, made us think about slaughter.
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Beastly beauty

Beastly beauty

Because we've seen the farms where these animals lived and know the people who manage them, it's not just the physical beauty of these carcasses that moves us so much. It's also what they represent. 
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Kiss off-piste!

Kiss off-piste!

Ok, I admit it. That headline (Mr Bone's contribution) was a craven attempt to get you in. But Brian Kiss did actually go off-piste and it's a serious story about the challenges farmers have to deal with in their efforts to supply us with the gorgeous food we eat each week.
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