Juicy inside, crackling outside
Lovely lamb
South Hill poddy calf
A story of compassionate farming
Sift Produce
Mixed boxes ~ Stall every 2nd Saturday
Burraduc Buffalo
Farmhouse cheese & yoghurt
Belted Galloway hide
Naturally cured

Guaranteed provenance. Full transparency. No exceptions.

We sell locally-grown, pasture-raised meats that are mostly certified organic, bio-dynamic, PROOF or Humane Choice Free Range. We work towards a better food future by sourcing whole animals exclusively from regenerative farmers, using the whole body and promoting a balanced diet.

When you buy meat grown by these farmers, you're playing an active role in supporting better land, animal and human welfare.

We'd like to see a day where the only meat anyone eats is from animals grown outside on pasture by farmers who are contributing to regeneration, biodiversity and the overall health and sustainability of our ecosystem.

A pig nest and Extraordinarily cute piglets

A pig nest and Extraordinarily cute piglets

This is a gorgeous video taken by Michael Hicks at Extraordinary Pork last week. He's showing how one of his sows turned her nose up at the hay they provided for her to farrow in (give birth) and sourced her own materials.
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Mud & Bone Winter Feast

Mud & Bone Winter Feast

We're putting on a fiery winter feast and we'd love you to come.

Feather and Bone & Mud Australia invite you to an intimate dinner for 100 at Mud Australia’s Marrickville studio. 7.00 pm Saturday 30 June.

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A story of compassionate farming from South Hill Farm

A story of compassionate farming from South Hill Farm

This is one of those tricky moments when we decide to take a risk and tell you a difficult farming story that goes to the heart of what it means to eat animals.
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