What makes meat great?
Rare breed, 3 years old, pasture-raised, 8 weeks dry-aged
New! Diemen's Ridge English Longhorn beef
What do pigs eat?
We are what our food eats, so what do pasture-raised pigs eat?
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We've discovered the name of our condition...
We're climatarians.
"It's beautiful and well written. Your themes are spot on and hopefully will fuel good discussions around many tables. Congratulations and well done." Joel Salatin, Polyface Farmer, lecturer and author
"What a fabulous thrill it has been reading it...The information is superb and stimulating. Your writing style is engaging, and I’m enjoying the little twists you have scattered through." ~ Steve

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One of Australia's few whole body butcheries • Established in 2006 • 14 years promoting regenerative agriculture and ethical meat consumption • Sourcing directly from local farms • Transparent, traceable, nutritious.

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"Just wanted to also thank you for the incredible work you are doing - from ethical practices, sustainability and regeneration to being a whole animal butcher and promoting transparency. It’s really such incredible work and I’m so happy to have been recommended to you. I have actually been vegetarian for 5 years, due to ethical and environment reasons. It’s been a big journey but I am eating meat again because of the work you are doing and to know there is a middle way out there. I love your philosophy of eat less meat but better quality. You guys are the real deal!"

Customer email, 2019

What makes meat great?

What makes meat great?

Great meat literally embodies the shared values of regenerative agricultural practices, embedded in a chain of respectful relationships.
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NEW! Diemen's Ridge rare breed English Longhorn beef

NEW! Diemen's Ridge rare breed English Longhorn beef

We're every pleased to introduce a new, rare beef breed to the fold!
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Vote for 'The Ethical Omnivore' by 22 January!

Vote for 'The Ethical Omnivore' by 22 January!

Please vote for 'The Ethical Omnivore' - a little food book with a big message about regenerative agriculture and community!
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