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We offer certified organic, white broiler chickens and award-winning, Grassland Sommerlad Heritage chickens. All our poultry is pasture-raised on chemical-free, regeneratively-managed pastures, all feed is medication-free and the birds are processed without bleach or chemicals. 

Grassland Sommerlad Heritage chickens are a superb, slow-growing table bird that is a mix of heritage breeds, skillfully bred to thrive outside on diverse Australian pastures with the highest animal and environmental welfare outcomes. They have longer legs and more even meat distribution than the breast-heavy, white broiler chicken, with strong bones and more deeply-flavoured meat. ‘The way chicken used to taste.’

Grassland Poultry Sommerlad Chickens have won National Delicious Produce Awards from 2019 through to 2022.

Photo of Grasslands Sommerlad chicken by Alan Benson.

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Pastured eggs - dozen
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Pastured eggs dozen: OxHill Organic
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Organic chicken liver paté
Sommerlad Chicken Fat (Schmaltz)
Sommerlad heritage chicken whole
Sommerlad heritage chicken maryland - pair
Sommerlad heritage chicken drumsticks - 500g
Sommerlad heritage chicken thigh cutlet - 500g
Sommerlad heritage chicken wings - app 500 gm
Sommerlad heritage chicken breast - pair
Sommerlad heritage chicken necks - app 500 gm
Sommerlad heritage chicken feet - app 500 gm
Sommerlad heritage chicken liver - app 400 gm
Organic chicken whole
Organic chicken whole
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Organic charcoal chicken
Inside out, herb butter-stuffed whole organic chicken
Organic chicken schnitzel - seedy
Organic chicken schnitzel - plain (kid-friendly)
Organic chicken breast app 500 gm
Organic chicken thigh fillet app 350 gm
Organic chicken thigh cutlet app 500 gm
Organic chicken drumsticks x 4 - app 500 gm
Organic chicken wings 500 gm
Organic chicken mince - app 500 gm
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Organic chicken strips - app 500 gm
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Organic chicken liver pack
Organic chicken carcass
Sommerlad chicken carcass 1.0 kg
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