What is an ethical omnivore?

A word about the title of our book.

For years we've avoided describing ourselves as 'ethical' butchers or providores because we've always thought that, with some exceptions (like Trump or terrorism or vertical blinds), whether or not something is ethical is entirely subjective and potentially polarising. It's not necessarily a helpful way to encourage people to talk about some of the vexing issues around food and it can come across as a bit preachy and self-righteous. But here we are publishing a book called 'The Ethical Omnivore'.

So, to explain. For us, an 'ethical omnivore' is someone who is making a conscious choice to seek out and support food production systems that align with their value systems.

Of course, we'd prefer it if that value system was one that included a compassionate and energetic desire to protect that natural world and support regenerative farmers who are hell bent on doing just that. Our experience is that more and more people are becoming concerned enough to be willing to stretch themselves a little to play a part in saving the world. That energy and desire is really very exciting and hopeful.

But, if the consumer doesn't give a fig for a sustainable natural world, then they should, at the very least, be fully informed about the impacts and consequences of spending their money on intensively-produced food - plant or animal.

Behaving ethically, to us, equates to doing your best to take responsibility for your choices.

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