But all the farms we represent are organised around the philosophy that each element in the system is inextricably connected to the others and, consequently, all farms are managed using regenerative, holistic management practices that are designed to optimise plant, animal and environmental health.

Most of the farmers we represent would happily accept the Joel Salatin description and call themselves 'soil farmers'. While the output for the end consumer might be a gorgeous leg of bio-dynamic lamb or a tray of plump sausages, back at the farm, the producer is concentrated on promoting a rich, healthy ecosystem.

Healthy soil is the foundation on which everything else depends. Soil that's alive, friable and full of humus provides a fertile home for plants, allowing roots to penetrate and access critical minerals and nutrients. Healthy, vigorous plants provide a fertile home and diet for animals living on pasture and the animals, in turn, fertilise the soil. Well-tended animals with good genetics that live free to range on healthy pastures are guaranteed high welfare standards and, in turn, provide us with a healthier and more rewarding eating experience.            

We go out on farm trips about five or six times a year and we try to visit all the farms we represent at as often as possible. It's our job to be as knowledgable as possible so we can give you the information you need to make the right choices for you and your family.  Read our guiding principles. They determine who we work with, what we buy and how we run our business.

Hear Grant interviewed on ABC Radio National’s Bush Telegraph on 24/7/14 about visiting farms.

 One of our first farm trips to Highland Heritage pigs in 2007. Feral three was younger then.

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