But all believe that every element in the ecosystem is inextricably inter-connected and all farms are managed using regenerative, holistic management practices that are designed to optimise plant, animal and environmental health.

Most of the farmers we represent would happily accept the Joel Salatin description and call themselves 'soil farmers'. While the output for the end consumer might be a gorgeous leg of bio-dynamic lamb or a tray of plump sausages, back at the farm, the producer is concentrated on promoting a rich, healthy, biodiverse ecosystem.

Healthy soil is the foundation on which everything else depends. Soil that's alive, friable and full of humus provides a fertile home for plants, fungi and insects, allowing roots to penetrate and access critical minerals and nutrients. Healthy, vigorous plants provide a fertile home and diet for animals living on pasture and the animals, in turn, fertilise the soil. Well-tended animals with good genetics that live free to range on healthy pastures are guaranteed high welfare standards and, in turn, provide us with a healthier and more rewarding eating experience.            

We go out on farm trips about five or six times a year and we try to visit all the farms we represent as often as possible. It's our job to answer all your questions, even those you didn't even know you should be asking. It's our responsibility to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choices for you and anyone else you're feeding. Read our guiding principlesThey determine who we work with, what we buy and how we run our business.

Who we work with, how often and for how long

Over the past 15 years, we've visited over 80 farms and worked with many of them in one way or another. Some farmers are like family - we've been buying from them regularly each fortnight or month for over 10 years and we feel as though we've grown up together. With others, the relationship is regular but seasonal, so we'll buy from them each year when they have stock to spare. Others were part of our core group of suppliers and very dear to us but their lives changed and they decided to retire or move onto other pursuits. In every situation, we've been enriched by the exchange and learned much about ecological farming and how to work with producers.

There are some restaurants and retailers who present to consumers in a way that makes it appear that they only, or mainly, source from sustainable producers, despite only rarely buying these products. This is deceptive and misleading but consumers often aren't in a position to disprove or question these claims.

Because of this, we think it's important to be transparent about how often we receive produce from the farmers we're working with and how long we've worked with them.

These are the farmers we currently represent.


Allyn River Galloway, Barrington Tops, NSW
Whole body deliveries as available since March 2019

Diemens Ridge English Longhorn, Evandale, Tas
Fortnightly or monthly deliveries since January 2021

Franckins Farm biodynamic veal, Comboyne, NSW
Whole body fortnightly or monthly deliveries since 2009

Glenburnie Black Angus beef, Koo Wee Rup, Vic
Whole body fortnightly deliveries, seasonally, since August 2017

Gundooee Organic Wagyu, Leadville, NSW
Whole body monthly deliveries since 2008

South Hill Farm Rose Angus veal, Wildes Meadow, NSW
Whole body monthly or seasonal deliveries each year since July 2010


Glenburnie Hampshire Down lamb, Koo Wee Rup, Vic
Whole body fortnightly deliveries, seasonally, since August 2017

The Gourmet Goat Lady, Collie, NSW
Whole body fortnightly deliveries since November 2011

Moorlands Farm biodynamic Texel lamb, Biala, NSW
Whole body monthly or fortnightly deliveries when seasonally available each year since June 2009

New Horizons Dorper lamb, Riverina, NSW
Whole body fortnightly or monthly since September 2011


Bundarra Berkshires, Barham, NSW
Fortnightly deliveries since June 2020

Extraordinary Pork, Eumungerie, NSW
Whole body fortnightly deliveries since February 2016

McIvor Farm Foods, Tooborac, Vic
Fortnightly deliveries since June 2021

Near River Produce Berkshire pigs, Hollisdale, NSW
Whole body deliveries since July 2019

Pillar Rock pastured pork, Binaway, NSW
Whole body fortnightly or monthly since September 2011

OxHill Organics pigs, Wauchope, NSW
Weekly or fortnightly deliveries as available since October 2014

Saulsbury Berkshire pigs, Frogmore, NSW
Whole body deliveries when available since September 2017

Stockinpiggle Hampshire pigs, Stockinbingle, NSW
Whole body deliveries when available since March 2021

Wallendbeen Park pastured pork, Wallendbeen, NSW
Whole body fortnightly or monthly as available since April 2017


Farmer Browns Pastured Eggs, Spicers Creek, NSW
Weekly or fortnightly since 2015

Grassland Poultry - Sommerlad Heritage birds, 12 Mile, NSW
Whole bird fortnightly deliveries since August 2017

Inglewood Organic Chicken, Inglewood, QLD
Weekly deliveries since July 2014

OxHill Organics eggs, Wauchope, NSW
Weekly or fortnightly deliveries as available since October 2014

R & R Roosters, Llandilo, NSW
Whole body fortnightly since July 2020

Tathra Place Free Range Aylesbury Pekin ducks and quail Wombeyan Caves, NSW
Seasonal deliveries since May 2019 

Working with Nature pastured eggs, Guyra, NSW
Weekly or fortnightly deliveries as available since November 2014


Burraduc Buffalo Dairy, Bunghwahl, NSW
Fortnightly deliveries since May 2017

Country Valley Dairy, Picton, NSW
Weekly deliveries since November 2017

Pepe Saya cultured butter, Caringbah, NSW
Fortnightly deliveries since March 2014


Katie Swift cordials, Marrickville, NSW
Fortnightly or monthly deliveries since November 2015

Malfroys Gold Honey, Blue Mountains, NSW
Deliveries every two months or so since December 2011 

Nonie's Food gluten-free breads, Botany, NSW
Fortnightly or weekly since August 2016  

Here's a video from one of our first farm trips to Highland Heritage pigs in 2007. Feral three was only three years old.

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