Cured & smoked pastured meats

All of these products go beautifully together on a grazing platter with a jar of Organic Chicken Liver Paté, our mustard and pickled cucumbers.

All our cured pork products are made from slow-growing, pasture-raised pigs and this is a rare thing. Think about it this way. Around 3% of Australian pigs are raised outside on pasture, healthy and free to do their piggy thing. Between 50-75% of most pigs are cured for ham, bacon, salami etc.

Which means that, at most, only about 1.5% of the cured pork sold in restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, butchers and delis is made from pasture-raised pork.

The other 98.5% is made from intensively-raised pork, often imported. Pigs squashed together inside, restricted, medicated and definitely not free to do their piggy thing. Who wants to eat that?

Read more about pasture-raised pork.

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Smoked, nitrate-free ham hock
Pastured pork leg ham: sliced
Mortadella sliced: pastured, heritage-breed pork
Pastured pork bacon: chemical nitrite-free, hot smoked
Pastured pork bacon: speck ends, hot smoked
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Pastured pork capocollo sliced Plain
Smoked Organic Chicken Breast
Burraduc buffalo biltong
Smoked Aylesbury-Pekin duck breast
Organic chicken liver paté
Pastured pork chorizo sausage
Pastured pork Kielbasa, smoked, app 300 gm
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