Rose veal

Our vealers come from cattle farms and are four-eight months old, milk and grass-fed and run with their mothers on pasture until they're weaned and dispatched to the abattoir. Grass and milk-fed veal gives you flavour and tenderness across all cuts.
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Veal mince 500 gm
Pastured pork & veal mince 500 gm
Veal schnitzel seedy 500 gm
Veal scallopine app 500 gm
Veal cutlets 250-280 gm
Veal cotoletta (crumbed veal cutlet) 200 gm
Veal rack whole
Veal rack whole
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Veal osso buco 1.0 kg
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Veal T-bone app 280-300 gm
Veal neck roast
Veal neck roast
From $30.00
Veal shoulder roast
Veal shoulder roast
From $32.50
Veal shoulder roast marinated
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