Pastured pork

We're old fashioned whole body butchers and we source our pork directly from NSW producers practising regenerative farming. All pigs are born and raised outside on pasture and arrive to us via the abattoir as whole carcasses that we cut to order. All our pork is hormone and antibiotic-free and entirely free-ranging on chemical-free pasture.

Your cut will be labelled with the farm it came from and breeds include Berkshire, Landrace, Large White, English Large Black, Duroc, Wessex Saddleback and Tamworth. 

Because we buy the whole body (no boxed meat) we can usually cut anything you require. So if you don't see a product you're after here, just email or call and we'll make it for you.

Or come and select from the full range at our Marrickville Butchery. Pick up your Sift Produce fresh fruit and vegetables each Saturday morning. 

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Pork medallion app 500 gm
Only 2 left!
Pork belly boned
Pork belly boned
From $14.50
Pork mince
Pork mince
From $12.00
Pork Pal (boned loin roast)
Pork ribs marinated
US style pork ribs
Porchetta with rosemary marinade
Porchetta with fennel marinade
Shoulder Porchetta with rosemary marinade
Shoulder Porchetta with fennel marinade
Pork mince 25% SALE!
Only 3 left!
Pork loin chops pair app 500 gm
Pork cutlets
Pork cutlets
Pork neck roast
Pork neck roast
From $29.95
Pork dice
Pork dice
From $13.00
Pork shoulder roast
Pork shoulder roast
From $36.00
Cold smoked, dry cured middle rasher bacon
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