Lamb, mutton & hogget

We're old fashioned whole body butchers and we source our lamb, mutton, hogget and goat directly from NSW producers practising regenerative farming that's good for the entire eco-system. This means low stocking densities, rotational grazing and no synthetic chemicals or growth hormones. We also believe in the importance of a vibrant, diverse genetic palette so we look for a range of different breeds and seek out slow-growing, heritage breeds. The sheep we source include Texels, Dorpers, Wiltshire Horn and Hampshire Downs.

We stock mutton and hogget whenever we can, although this is dependent on the farmers having enough fodder in the paddocks to allow sheep to grow out over a year. Unfortunately, droughts limit available feed so we haven't had much older sheep available over the last year or so.


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Lamb dice 500 gm
Lamb mince 500 gm
Lamb skewers - marinated x 4
Lamb chump (rump) chops 500 gm
Lamb rump marinated
Lamb loin roast - app 500-600 gm
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Lamb loin noisettes x 4
Lamb loin chops
Lamb loin chops
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Lamb loin cutlets - app 500 gm
Lamb loin cutlets - crumbed x 6
Lamb loin cutlet double: Moroccan spiced - app 180-200 gm
Lamb loin cutlet double: herb crusted - app 180-200 gm
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Lamb loin rack - app 700 gm
Lamb breast rolled, marinated - app 1.0 kg
Lamb breast rolled - app 1.0 kg
Lamb shanks - app 1.0 kg
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Lamb leg wrapped in pastured pork capocollo - app 2.0 kg
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Lamb leg boned, rolled - 1.6-1.8 kg
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Lamb leg butterflied: 1.4-1.6 kg
Lamb leg butterflied: Mediterranean marinade 1.4-1.6 kg
Lamb leg butterflied: Moroccan marinade 1.4-1.6 kg
Lamb leg on bone (full) - app 2.3-2.5 kg
Lamb leg tunnel-boned with salsa verde - 2.0-2.2 kg
Lamb pillow (boned shoulder) - 1.6 - 1.8 kg
Lamb shoulder easy/bone in, marinated - app 1.8-2.0 kg
Lamb shoulder square cut on bone: app 1.8-2.0 kg
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