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We're old fashioned whole body butchers and we source our lamb, mutton, hogget and goat directly from NSW producers practising regenerative farming. We give preference to heritage breeds and our lamb comes from a number of farms including Moorlands bio-dynamic Farm (Texel) and New Horizon (Dorper).

2019 State Delicious Produce Awards winner!
The Gourmet Goat Lady is a NSW winner and is now through to the national judging.

We only sell farmed goat which is different to feral ('rangeland') goat. We source 'Gourmet Goat Lady' Boer goats farmed at Buena Vista Farm near Collie. 

90% of the goat sold and exported in Australia is feral or 'low input' composite goat - marketed under the more poetic euphemism of 'Rangeland' goat. The quality of feral goat meat can be highly variable depending on where and how the goats lived and buying it can be a bit of a lottery. Sometimes it's plump and delicious and other times stringy and tough. The variable quality and unfamiliarity means that folks are a little wary of goat and tend to default to lamb, but healthy, farmed goat, such as those tended and managed by the Stewarts, is an altogether different product with consistently high quality and wonderful flavour.

All animals are hormone and antibiotic-free and are born and raised on chemical-free pastures. They arrive to us via the abattoir as whole carcasses that we dry age (mutton and hogget only) and break to order. Your cut will be clearly labelled with the farm, breed and certification.

Because we buy the whole body (no boxed meat) we can usually cut anything you require. So if you don't see a product you're after here, just email or call and we'll make it for you.

Or come and select from the full range at our Marrickville Butchery. Pick up your Sift Produce fresh fruit and vegetables each Saturday morning. 

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Lambchetta (back in stock Saturday 11/5)
Tunnel-boned Lamb Leg with Salsa Verde
Lamb loin chops
Lamb loin chops
From $17.35
Lamb pillow (boned shoulder): 1.6 - 1.8 kg
Lamb shoulder square cut: 1.8 - 2.0 kg
Lamb loin saddle roast with red pesto (back in stock Saturday 11/5)
Lamb Loin Roast with pancetta & sage (back in stock Saturday 11/5)
Lamb loin roast (back in stock Saturday 11/5)
Lamb noisettes x 4 (app 550-580 gm) (back in stock Saturday 11/5)
Marinated lamb skewers
Lamb leg wrapped in pastured pork pancetta
Lamb leg (short) on bone: 1.8-2.0 kg
Lamb leg (full) on bone: 2.3-2.5 kg
Lamb leg boned and rolled: 1.6-1.8 kg
Marinated lamb rump: app 500-600 gm
Moroccan-spiced double lamb cutlet (180-200 gm)
Herb-crusted, double lamb cutlet (180-200 gm)
Lamb Long Things (kofta)
Lamb cutlets app 500 gm
Lamb dice
Lamb dice
From $11.95
Lamb mince
Lamb mince
Lamb shanks: app 1.0 kg
Only 5 left!
Marinated easy/bone in lamb shoulder: 1.8-2.0 kg
Marinated lamb breast roll up: app 600 gm
Lamb bones
Lamb bones
Goat cutlets
Goat cutlets
Goat loin chops
Goat leg on bone
Goat pillow (shoulder)
Lamb burger with Moroccan spice rub
Only 4 left!
Goat chunks on the bone
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