Lamb, mutton & hogget

The lambs we source from regeneratively-managed farms in NSW and Victoria are entirely pasture-raised and arrives to us as whole bodies on the bone - no boxed meat. We know which farm everything we source comes from and we provide a clear line of sight, from the farm, to the abattoir, to us and to you. 

All the farms we work with are regeneratively managed which means no synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides or growth promotants. All animals are raised outside on pasture and moved regularly to allow for landscape recovery and animal health. Stocking densities are adjusted according to what the season and land will tolerate and all farming practices provide optimum health and sustainability for the entire farm ecosystem from soil microbes to plants to animals and humans.

Sheep breeds include Texels, Australian Whites, Dorpers and Hampshire Downs.

Moorlands biodynamic Texels. Photo by Alan Benson.

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Cassoulet Kit 2022
Lamb loin roast
Lamb ribs
Lamb ribs
Lamb leg on bone (short)
Lamb leg on bone (full)
Lamb leg short - easycarve
Lamb leg boned, rolled
Lamb leg tunnel-boned with salsa verde
Lamb leg butterflied
Lamb leg butterflied: Moroccan marinade
Lamb leg butterflied: Mediterranean marinade
Lamb rump roast
Lamb rump marinated: rosemary
Lamb rump marinated: harissa
Lamb chump (rump) chops
Lamb liver app 400g
Lamb kidney app 500g
Lamb/Goat tongues app 500g
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Lamb loin rack
Lamb loin cutlets
Lamb loin cutlets - crumbed
Lamb backstrap 500g
Lamb skewers - marinated x 5
Lamb leg crosscut chops
Lamb Leg box No.1
Lamb loin chops x 4
Lamb shoulder rack
Lamb shanks - app 1.0kg
Lamb 'oyster' shoulder on bone
Lamb pillow (boned shoulder)
Lamb shoulder easy/bone in, marinated
Lamb dice 500 gm
Lamb mince 500 gm
Lamb breast rolled, marinated
Lamb breast rolled
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