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We're old fashioned whole body butchers and we source our beef and veal directly from NSW producers practising regenerative farming. All cattle are hormone and antibiotic-free and are born and raised on chemical-free pastures - no grain. They arrive to us via the abattoir as whole carcasses that we dry age and break to order. Your cut will be labelled with the farm it came from and breeds include Belted Galloway, Black Angus, Wagyu and Specklepark.

Our vealers come from cattle farms and are four-eight months old, milk and grass-fed and run with their mothers on pasture until they're weaned and dispatched to the abattoir. Grass and milk-fed veal gives you flavour and tenderness across all cuts. 

Because we buy the whole body (no boxed meat) we can usually cut anything you require. So if you don't see a product you're after here, just email or call and we'll make it for you.

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Pastured beef ribeye cutlet - dry aged (deposit)
Pastured beef sirloin steak dry aged 2-3 weeks
Pastured beef rump steak, dry aged
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Pastured beef dice - lean 500 gm
Pastured beef mince 500 gm
Pastured beef mince with organs 500 gm
Pastured beef stir fry strips 500 gm
Pastured beef blade steak app 600 gm
Pastured beef skirt 600 gm
Pastured beef osso buco: app 1.0 kg
Pastured beef minute steaks 500 gm
Pastured beef short ribs
Pastured beef brisket 1.0 kg
Pastured beef brisket 2.0 kg
Pastured beef chuck boned 500 gm
Pastured pork & veal mince 500 gm
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