Sausages / Burgers

Our sausages and burgers are hand made at Feather and Bone using natural skins and don’t contain any preservatives, gluten or fillers. All meat used is fully pasture-raised and chemical, hormone and antibiotic-free.

Produced at our Marrickville factory using available meat from the whole bodies we source directly from the farm. 

If there's something particular that you're after, we're happy to make a special batch for you - minimum 5.0 kg. 

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Lamb and Lemon Thyme sausage
Goat Merguez sausages
Lollipop sausages
Lollipop sausages
From $6.20
Lamb & Oregano sausage
Organic chicken and tarragon sausages
Plain beef sausage (GAPS FRIENDLY)
Only 4 left!
Plainest pork sausages (GAPS FRIENDLY) avail. thurs 11/10
Only 4 left!
Lambaaada sausage
Lamb & fresh rosemary sausage
Veal and bacon burger
Only 3 left!
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