Hire a spit bbq

With premium, ethically-raised meat

Hire a spit bbq

With premium, ethically-raised meat

Roasting a healthy, pasture-raised animal on the spit provides a delicious and easy feast and a great dramatic focus for a party. There's nothing quite like the flavour of a whole animal cooked slowly over fire, the pleasure of communal feasting and honouring the animal by savouring each morsel.

About our spits

We're whole body butchers so we hire our spits ‘with animals’ - which means we don’t just hire the spits on their own.

Meat on the spit
You can roast anything that can be attached to a pole on the spit – as long as it’s balanced so it doesn’t slip and can cook evenly. The most popular and easiest choices are whole animals – pig, lamb or goat - and we'll source the right meat for you from our producers and thread the carcass prior to delivery. Find out more in the 'Spit animals' section.

Using the spits
Our spit barbecues are uncovered and made from commercial grade stainless steel. They are rated to carry up to 40 kg and are made locally, except for the imported motors which turn the pole. So you'll need a power source to turn the spit pole - a regular domestic 10A power supply will do the job. We supply untreated, Australian hardwood charcoal for the fire which burns evenly and gives a good flavour.

Spit dimensions
Length: 1,520 mm
Height: 730 mm
Width: 610 mm

Spit delivery and set up
Most people prefer us to deliver the spit but you can pick it up from us here if you’ve got an appropriate vehicle such as a ute or van. Otherwise, we deliver the spit to your address and set it up so all you need to do is light the coals. We’ll provide advice on cooking times and techniques if required.

After your event, before we’re due to pick up the spit, we ask that you clean out the coals from the coal tray and hose the spit down with hot, soapy water so we can transport it easily. We charge a refundable spit cleaning deposit.

Using your spit
If you have your own spit, we can supply you with an ethically-raised whole animal. We can also save you some work by threading the animal onto your pole, ready to cook.

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