Every time we cook one and see how people are drawn in we're reminded of how compelling they are. You just don't see  whole carcasses very often these days. One little girl at a market was fascinated and kept dragging her parents back to watch. We talked about the pig, where it came from and how it lived and finally she announced with great certainty, “That pig will be dead soon.” Later she returned for a pork roll.

Here's a little video of a Moorlands bio-dynamic Texel lamb cooking at our recent Mud and Bone dinner.

20 kg porchetta on the spit

About the spits

Our spit barbecues are uncovered and made from commercial grade stainless steel. They are highly rated and can carry up to 40 kg and are locally made, except the motors which are imported. We supply untreated Australian hardwood charcoal which burns evenly and gives a good flavour. The spits have a small, electric motor which turns the pole.

This means that, while the meat is cooked over charcoal, you'll need a power source to turn the spit pole. A regular domestic 10A power supply is sufficient.

Spit measurements

Length: 1,520 mm
Height: 730 mm
Width: 610 mm

Spit hire with animal

We're whole body butchers and we only hire our spits ‘with animals’ which means we don’t just hire spits on their own.

We source the right animal for you and thread the carcass prior to delivery. You can roast anything that can be attached to a pole on the spit – as long as it’s balanced so it doesn’t slip and can cook evenly. The most popular and easiest choices are whole animals – pig, lamb or goat.

Find out more in the 'Spit animals' section.

Spit delivery and set up

Most people prefer us to deliver the spit but you can pick it up from us here if you’ve got an appropriate vehicle such as a ute or van.

Otherwise, we deliver the spit to your address and set it up so all you need to do is light the coals. We’ll provide advice on cooking times and techniques if required.

After your event, before we’re due to pick up the spit, we ask that you clean out the coals from the coal tray and hose the spit down with hot, soapy water so we can transport it.


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'Whole pig on a spit and lamb shoulder for my husband's 50th birthday celebration. Not only was the meat fantastic, the service from F&B was great. Absolutely recommend these guys if you want to put on a spectacular spit roast!!' Karen

'I just wanted to send a quick note to 'Thank you' and in particular a huge thank you to Chris for such an exemplary representation of your company!  Everything ran like clockwork from setup to service and Chris was ever so accommodating - and the lamb was absolutely outstanding! My clients are still talking about it and the aroma that filled the building!' JC 

'Thank you Chris and Grant for making my husband's bday perfect!! Chris was so amazing and helpful and the meat was cooked to perfection!! Thank you heaps and heaps you guys are the best!!!' MWB 

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