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Locally-produced, fresh pasta and bread - with and without gluten. Sourced from our friends at Nonie's Food, Brickfields and Pasta Emilia. Also wholemeal, stoneground, organic flours milled on the farm by Woodstock Flour.
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Woodstock organic, stoneground flour
Nonie's gluten-free bread
Nonie's gluten free bread: pita
Brickfields milk bun
Brickfields ciabatta roll
Brickfields white sourdough round
Brickfields 100% stoneground wholemeal sourdough
Organic pasta - strozzapreti (egg-free)
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Organic pasta - pappardelle
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Organic pasta - fettucine
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Organic pasta - linguine
Rocket, Walnut & Confit Garlic Pesto
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Put Your Feet Up Meat Sauce
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