We're represent Burraduc Buffalo Dairy, 'Producer of the Year' in the national 2023 Delicious Produce Awards. Burraduc is one of a handful of Australian dairies that challenges convention by keeping calves with cows, sharing the milk and insisting on the rights of all creatures to co-exist in the landscape.

We also represent Hastings Riverland Jersey Milk Dairy products made by Jimmy Eggert, a fifth generation dairy farmer from the NSW mid-north coast.   

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Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse Mozzarella: 2 balls 210 gm
Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse Dolce Nina (fresh buffalo curd)
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Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse feta
Burraduc Buffalo milk 700ml
Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse kefir
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Burraduc Buffalo farmhouse cultured cream
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Burraduc Buffalo yoghurt 500 gm
Jimmy's Jersey Milk (Hastings Riverlands) 1L + Bottle
Jimmy's Jersey Milk Yoghurt (Hastings Riverlands) 375ml
Jimmy's Jersey Yoghurt (Hastings Riverlands) 1kg
Café de Marrickville Butter
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Pepe Saya cultured ghee
Pepe Saya cultured butter Salted
Pepe Saya cultured butter Unsalted
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